Orchids nursery Leo van der Helm was shown in an episode of MAX. 

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CyMoreFlavour sponsored flowers in Dutch television program ''Hollands Beste Bloemstylist'' on channel RTL4. The candidates had to gather as many flowers as possible from various nurseries. With those flowers they had to make a beautiful romantic arrangement.

We've been very busy the last month. RTL4, a big Dutch television channel came to the nursery of one of the growers from CyMoreFlavour (Leo van der Helm) to make a short movie about Cymbidiums. The program is called Trips & Travel and it has English subtitles.


This year we were present on the Trade Fair in Aalsmeer. The ice-cream parlour we are known for has been restyled. In the background you see little cups with Cymbidiums. These are the new ''flavours'' (varieties). We're always updating our assortment to make the best mix possible.

On thursday the 6th of november the award for 'Best Stand' at the FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer was given to CyMoreFlavour. The jury acknowledges that the bar is set higher every year. The head of the jury, Inger van Ijzeren, pointed out that de flowers are the most important, and that the message is recognizable.
Paul van Schie, one of the the members of the CyMoreFlavour group, says that the main colors of the Cymbidiums are translated in flavours. '' The icecream salon we built, with color sorted Cymbidiums in the display case, show that in a creative way''.


Celine from CyMoreFlavour is featured on the website http://www.floralfundamentals.com/all-in-the-family/ . It's an article on what it's like growing up and working in the flower business. 

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In the weekend of 25th of april the event ''Oogenlust Voorjaarskriebels'' took place. An event filled with flowers. CyMoreFlavour made sure Cymbidiums were represent. 


CyMoreFlavour nursery Leo van der Helm on national television program ''Jeugdjournaal''

Click on the video and watch from 4:40 minutes to see the nursery. Presented by Leo's daughter Iris and son Huub.